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Today’s Legislation for Tomorrow

A few years ago it would have been impossible for many to imagine that renewables would be in the position they are in today. Dramatic price drops and huge increases in investment and installed capacity have transformed renewables into a power source that can be part of supporting the global economy. But how can this momentum be maintained, and what role do policies have in bringing about a sustainable future?

“Lawmakers have a rich history of creating the policy and legal frameworks that can drive renewable energy deployment. Their role is even more critical as governments look to transform their energy infrastructure and markets,” said IRENA Director-General Adan Z. Amin, at IRENA’s second Legislators Forum on 13 January 2017. “By bringing together lawmakers from around the world concerned about energy issues, IRENA can better support their efforts to accelerate the energy transition.” Continue reading Today’s Legislation for Tomorrow

Solving the Energy Access Problem with Renewable Mini-Grids

Until recently, renewable-powered mini-grids were viewed as capable of delivering only basic energy services – for single houses or small communities – but recent technological innovations are changing that perception. Increasingly, renewable energy mini-grids offer a means to meet much larger power needs, including for industry.

Since 1990 energy access has improved and nearly two billion more people have gained access. However, more than a billion people still lack electricity access and another billion have only an unreliable supply. To achieve universal electricity access by 2030, the pace of expansion needs to at least double, and estimates suggest that off-grid solutions will provide roughly 60 per cent of the additional generation needed. Continue reading Solving the Energy Access Problem with Renewable Mini-Grids

Financing the Future

In 2015, $286 billion was invested in renewable energy. That is an enormous sum of money by many measurements, but is it enough, and are we on track to meet the energy demands of the future with renewables?

“Unfortunately it’s not even close to enough,” said Joanne Jungmin Lee of IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy, and Finance Centre. “More money must be invested in renewables to meet the world’s growing energy demand and to realise their socioeconomic and environmental benefits.”

IRENA estimates that deploying renewables on the scale necessary to limit global temperature rise below 2 degrees would require current investment to double by 2020, and triple by 2030 to around US$ 900 billion annually. Continue reading Financing the Future