Winners of IRENA’s Photo Competition

In April, to celebrate IRENA’s fifth anniversary, the Agency launched its first ever international photo competition. The entry requirements were broad and the rules simple: submit a photo demonstrating “the promise and power of renewable energy as the solution to a wide range of global, national and local challenges,” and it’ll be judged on its story, originality and artistic merit, quality, and dramatic impact.

And the prize? The winner would win a trip to Abu Dhabi to attend the seventh session of IRENA’s Assembly, in January 2017. The top five photos would all be exhibited at the Assembly where they’d be seen by thousands of energy professionals from around the world.

IRENA received over 350 submissions, and after careful consideration, the judges arrived at a Grand Prize winner — Supriya Biswas — who submitted a photo of a solar PV panel powering an electronic device, entertaining an elderly woman and children.

Swayed by the quantity of high quality and thoughtful photos received, IRENA has decided to expand on the competition’s rewards and include more of the top photos in the exhibit, and compile them into a calendar. Below are the 12 photos that made the cut for the calendar and will be exhibited at the seventh Assembly.

IRENA would like to congratulate all of those featured in the calendar and thank the participants who submitted entries into the competition.

Stay tuned to IRENA’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) for announcements about future competitions.


Camels and their riders in celebratory attire at the inauguration of a new wind farm in Khuri, Rajasthan, India. Sudipto Das
Sudipto Das / Location: Khuri, Rajasthan, India


Excess water is released from a dam on the Jándula River in Andújar, Jaén, Spain. José Barranco Peña
José Barranco Peña / Location: Andújar, Jaén, Spain


The installation of the final blade on North America's first offshore wind farm in Block Island, Rhode Island, USA. Joan Sullivan
Joan Sullivan / Location: Block Island, Rhode Island, USA


Wind turbines generating electricity in a field near Düsseldorf, Germany.
Kevin Coellen / Location: Düsseldorf, Germany


A motorcyclist and his passenger watch steam rise out of the Dieng Plateau’s geothermal power plant in Java, Indonesia. Bambang Wirawan
Bambang Wirawan / Location: Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia


A solar PV panel powers an electronic device entertaining an elderly woman and children in West Bengal, India. Supriya Biswas
Supriya Biswas / Location: West Bengal, India


A 17th Century windmill stands near modern wind turbines in Sint Maartensbrug, Netherlands. Peter van Veldhoven
Peter van Veldhoven / Location: Sint Maartensbrug, Netherlands


Solar powered lights bring smiles to the school children of Bomet County, Kenya. Corrie Wingate
Corrie Wingate / Location: Bomet County, Kenya


An ensemble of wind turbines generate electricity in harmony with nature in Alberta, Canada. Keith Arkins
Keith Arkins / Location: Alberta, Canada


A monk positions a solar PV panel at the remote Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, India. Debdatta Chakraborty
Debdatta Chakraborty / Location: Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, India


A wind/solar project located in Willcox, Arizona, one of the first utility-scale hybrid wind and solar projects in the USA. Joan Sullivan
Joan Sullivan / Location: Willcox, Arizona, USA


Wind turbines stand defiantly in the far North Norwegian village of Bjørnfjell, Narvik. Doran Talmi
Doran Talmi / Location: Bjørnfjell, Narvik, Norway

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