IRENA Welcomes Paris Climate Agreement as ‘watershed for the global energy transition’

IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin issued the following statement after the adoption of the Paris Agreement at the COP21 Climate Conference:

“Yesterday the global community was united in voicing commitment for decisive, inclusive and coordinated action on climate change. The Paris Agreement provides a framework for international cooperation and sends a clear signal to all stakeholders to raise their ambition.

“The innovative approach of the Conference incorporated all of the ingredients for a positive outcome, setting the stage for decisive action moving forward. The Agreement establishes long-term vision for the deep reduction of global emissions and the imperative of decarbonising energy. The commitments submitted by countries in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions demonstrate the centrality of renewable energy in national strategies. And the bold announcements made by private sector and other actors strengthened the meeting’s solution-focused theme.

“IRENA welcomes the Paris Agreement as a watershed for the global energy transition. Renewable energy has made remarkable progress in the last decade. Combined with energy efficiency, it provides an immediate, viable and affordable solution to the challenge of climate change. But to meet the ambition set forth in the Agreement, accelerating the deployment of renewable energy across all sectors must start now. In January 2016, we will welcome global energy leaders at the 6th Session of the IRENA Assembly to move the Paris Agreement to the next phase, setting the global renewable energy agenda and establishing a blueprint for action to meet climate goals and set the world on a path to a sustainable energy future.” 

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