Renewables Are Changing the Climate Narrative from Sacrifice to Opportunity

Originally published in The Guardian

Oil-rich countries are choosing renewables as a means to create jobs, boost GDP and improve livelihoods – as well as reduce emissions

Accelerating signs of climate change and rising global temperatures are perhaps more pressing here in the Middle East, where IRENA is headquartered, than anywhere else on the planet.

Record-breaking temperatures made global headlines this year and a recent scientific study predicts the region will face heatwaves “beyond the limit of human survival” if climate change remains unchecked.

Indications are clear that after more than 20 years of negotiations among more than 190 countries, the UN climate conference in Paris in December – COP21 – will be a turning point in the fight against climate change. For the first time at any climate conference, renewable energy solutions will take centre stage in a series of high-profile events coupled with new commitments and announcements.

In doing so, it will also transform the climate change narrative from one of managing constraints to one of opportunity…

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