To determine reasons that can save the planet, we need to understand what Renewable Energy is and what sources can be considered to produce it as opposed to nonrenewable energy sources.

Renewable energy;

·Renewable energy is also known as clean energy. It can only be labeled as “clean” if its production is natural and does not pose a risk to the environment and earth’s climate and ecosystem.

·These sources must self-sustaining and replenish naturally. They are the natural balance of basic life.

·These sources include, the sun, wind, tides, rain, geothermal heat, rivers and so on.

·Renewable energy is not only good for the planet but it is also considered cheaper to produce since it is readily available.

Below are ten reasons renewable energy can save the planet.

·Combat global warming

Global warming has been a main concern since the first use of nonrenewable sources of energy. Due to the high rate of carbon emission, the earth atmosphere is overloading with
carbon dioxide and other dangerous emissions forming a blanket that traps heat within it. With the use of renewable energy sources, such occurrences will be curbed and the heat will be controlled.

global warming

·Improve marine live

Serving as a major balance strike in the food chain, the marine life is as importance to the
maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. With low harmful emissions, the habitat which is highly affected by the trapped heat will be stable and sustainable.

·Climate control

Less carbon emissions means less atmospheric interference. This will contribute to better climatic conditions for various regions which are currently being made worse by the
global warming.

·Economic growth

Renewable energy is alternatively cheap to produce than nonrenewable energy. Despite the high initial cost, the maintenance of equipment is rather of low cost and has less wear and tear. Considering it is readily available, not so much will be spent
and a lot will be produced.

·Minimal or no use of none, renewable sources.

This will basically mean that there will be minimal emissions of harmful gases.

·Increased forest cover

Most of the animal, insects, reptiles and plant species which are vital to nature’s balance have greatly been eliminated by the destruction of their natural habitat rendering their species extinct. Use of Renewable energy cannot guarantee their comeback but can stabilize the existence off the surviving species.


·Quality lifestyle for everybody

Being affordable and cheap, it can guarantee cheaper services on products made through the use of Renewable energy.

·Better farm practice

All over the world, large-scale commercial agriculture relies heavily on weather patterns which have been greatly affected by the dangerous emissions. With clean energy, it is not only cheaper to produce but also safer foods are guaranteed.

·Improved public health

Dangerous emissions not only pose a risk to the atmosphere, it also poses harmful health conditions and diseases to both humans and animals. Renewable Energy use on the other side is safe.

·Predictable Weather patterns.

With the use of renewable energy produced from natural sources will restore the natural order of nature. That will mean, predictable weather patterns, predictable disasters
that will make it easier to mitigate and a better environment.


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